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Pandemic Poetry & Art Healing Project Gallery

Rachel Tyler.jpg
Working at Home, Day 31
Amy Miller, Writer
Rachel Tyler, Artist

All in our Zoom windows. Heads,
bookshelves, the tops of plants.
Most of us looking down, harsh
lighting, ceiling vents. Waiting...

Balcony Eden
Lisa Ortiz, Writer
Shirley Tipton, Artist

The little succulent

in its aubergine dish.

            The nurses. 

The children at home...

Balcony Eden Painting Pandemic project.j
Erika Justine, Writer
Caitlin Madison, Artist

Keep moving 

Find a way 

Try harder 






Is it possible to write a poem 

during a pandemic and not 

address it or the circular nature

of time and how nearly everything 

adores being alive?...

Poeming in a Pandemic
Brie Huling, Writer
Lyla Merle Morrison, Artist
Bathing with Magnolias Lyla Merle.png

But did you know this:

Behind the walls of the chrysalis,

The complete digesting of oneself into utter goo. 

Only a few cells get saved. And so,

I realized this on the ninth day: 

I cannot intellectualize my way out of this.

I must feel out every step with all my being...

Amie Tyler, Writer
Emily Galusha, Artist
All We Knew B.jpeg
All We Knew
Ken Thompson, Writer
Mimi Searfoss, Artist

It seemed that 


We emptied the skies

and the forsythia cups

Deformed by spring winds

bent shy and...

when i was small, i would often wonder

which star am i in the big dark universe?


there was a time when i was afraid to be seen

when it was not safe to shine

Arundhati ~ She who is faintly visible in the vast night sky...

Stephanie Chee Barea, Writer
Everest Lavery, Artist
c.e. chapple, Writer
Desiree LaBeaud, Artist

...With many of us caught on opposing sides

The bricks rising ever higher 

With no dismantling any time soon

Mayhap the internet will serve as carrier pigeon 

Conveying my love to the other side

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