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Private Healing Sessions

Are you ready to reawaken the part of you that knows you by heart, and carries the deepest wisdom and insights for your life?

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The Healing Sessions


the part of you that knows you by heart, and carries the deepest insights for your life.


I have been blessed with the gift of seeing and sensing energy from an early age. I receive insight from beings like angels, Spirit Guides, and those on the Other Side – as well as past lives and your higher self – those who know you by heart – who support the highest and best good for your life.
Combined with my master's degree in depth psychology and trauma-informed, therapeutic healing, I offer a magical, cutting-edge combination bridging energy, psychology, and spirituality. 

Specializing in a unique blend of clairvoyance psychology, and spirituality to bring healing, peace, and new perspectives so you can love your sacred life. ​

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A Magical Combination...

How I Can Help You


A single session

lasting 90-120 minutes.


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Three sessions

over ~6-8 weeks


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6-sessions + personalized support over three months.


Single sessions are are one-time healing event (though the healing lasts long after the session).

A three-session package is wonderful if you have 1-3 items you’d like to work through over multiple sessions.

The 3-month "Walk with Me" package is best for major life transitions (diagnosis, end-of-life, trauma and inner child work, or any life transition).

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Could This be You?

I'm currently embarking on the fun stuff!

  • Desire more joy, innovation, and creativity.

  • Want to understand and learn about your gifts,  and purpose in this lifetime.

  • Are seeking to be in alignment with your truth or wish to uncover your real truths.

  • Would like to expand your multisensory abilities.

  • Would like whole-biofield healing, get a general "read" on your energy field and/or learn about your support on the Other Side.

I'm going through some of life's toughest stuff.

  • Have just experienced a significant loss or received a diagnosis and are seeking ways to accept your new normal and cope.

  • Are embarking on a major life change (newly single, new job, new parent).

  • Have childhood traumas or wounds bubbling up for review, and you're ready to free up precious energetic real estate.

  • You or a loved one is approaching end-of-life and you'd like to help enable a joyful transition to the Other Side.

I'm simply doing this thing called . . . life!

  • Are an empath who has given too much to others and would like to learn how to manage your lifeforce energy.

  • Are depleted or at a breaking point: mothers, executives, or anyone who is suffering from burnout and searching for meaning.

  • Have a desire to rewire a pattern to create space for a truer version of yourself to come through: taking a big risk, rewiring your inner good girl, noticing a repeating pattern in relationships and you’re ready to investigate, or letting go of the need to succeed.

if you could...

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  • Wake up tomorrow with a new level of peace you haven't felt in years (or ever)!

  • Free up precious, energetic real estate by releasing thought patterns that replay scenarios or judgements in your mind.

  • Receive precious guidance and support from your Spirit team (angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and others)...

  • See your gifts clearly, so you can step into your magnificence and the infinite potential of who you are… and never be afraid of your power again.

  • Find peace and meaning in one of the most tumultuous times in your life…

  • Experience energy healing that can touch you on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level to help your body to take it's next step in your healing process.

Energy That Meets You Exactly Where You Are

My clients report that a healing session can touch them on all levels:
emotional, spiritual, physical, and soul,
for a transformation some didn’t previously think was possible. 

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Energy begins moving within your life in the weeks leading up to a session, and for a long while after, working with your receptivity and the capacity at which you allow yourself to heal. 

A session can help you gain a new perspective, attune to your truest nature, allow you to see your magnificence, all while healing blocks along the way. 

Each session is different, because I am creating a fusion between your unique and true higher self and your divine support team, who loves you, is always supporting you, and knows exactly what you need in this moment.

Read about what to expect in a session here.

What if you could feel soul-level happiness, no matter what you were going through?

For some time now, I have woken up every morning with a smile on my face. What? I know... weird! And also, extremely joyful.. 


It’s there before I consciously know I’m awake, and I couldn’t undo if I tried.

I am content down to the inside of my bones, and it still surprises me.

My brain can find dozens of reasons why life should not be joyful, yet at the core of my being, there’s a truer knowing: I am deeply and profoundly in appreciation of this magical life. 

I know that is why you’ve stumbled across me – because somewhere inside of you, your being is seeking your next layer of deeper knowing that is already brewing within you. 

What if you could feel peace, even when it feels like your world is on fire?

The next level of clarity and inner joy are waiting for you.

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