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Community Healing Wall

San Mateo, California – Corner of B St. & Third Downtown

May 13 – June 13

Sacred Rituals to Heal

Often times our greatest peace and healing comes from things beyond words. Here are a few ways to weave in the sacred to help your healing process:

Create an altar 

  • Choose a designated space for the altar

  • Find a tray, bowl, shelf, or other designated space

  • Get a candle (from the dollar store will do)

  • Set an intention for the altar. 

  • Every day, until it feels complete, engage with your new intentional space in one or more of the following ways:

    • Light the candle

    • Place a token on the altar – a note, a flower, a photo, anything at all​

    • Give a blessing or well wishes to your loved one who has transitioned, for ease on their journey, and request ease and support from the beyond for your journey

Journal in two parts – grief, and gratitude/appreciation

  • ​Take three deep breaths, connecting to your heart

  • Write non-stop for 5 minutes focusing on your grief, and where you are with your grieving journey. Let it all out in the raw way things come up for you, even if the emotions are strong

  • Next, write non-stop for 5 minutes about all the ways you feel gratitude or appreciation for the something or someone you lost. 

  • When you have completed writing, place your hands over your heart and say, "I love you, thank you." If it feels right, you can also say, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you."

  • Take a break and walk, or drink some water

  • Come back to your writing and see if there are revelations within that are supportive for you

Authentic Movement – Dance

  • Play music that helps you connect to your heart

  • Begin dancing your emotions, without censoring or judging what is arising

  • Put in motion, using your body, what you are feeling, expressing both the sorrow you feel as well as the delight you had in your relationship

  • When you feel ready, close by bringing both hands to your heart, taking in all the love that was and is available to you

If you are in need of support and feel you would benefit from integrative healing (spiritual counseling, energy healing for yourself or your loved ones who have transitioned, timeline therapy, or the body code for releasing trapped emotions from the body, please book through this site, I'm happy to support you.

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Would You Like More Support?

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