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Pandemic Poetry & Art Healing Project


Stephanie Chee Barea

when i was small, i would often wonder
which star am i in the big dark universe?

there was a time when i was afraid to be seen
when it was not safe to shine

Arundhati ~ She who is faintly visible in the vast night sky

then wholly engulfed and transformed
in the sacred fire of dissolution

Arundhati ~ She who emerges

as lustrous molten gold




the unknown

and claim your throne


Who holds the whole of the cosmos

where all things are possible
when nothing is certain

Everest Lavery


 Stephanie Chee Barea, Writer


About the poem:

This poem is a deep remembrance of my connection to the full resplendent power of the cosmos, my most ancient essence. Arundhati is another name for the morning star, often only faintly visible in the sky. When fear and loneliness block my inner light these days, she reminds me of my celestial capacity to outshine the darkness and to illuminate the possibility that comes from the unknown.


Stephanie Chee Barea is a creator, educator, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Her Festival and founder/owner of Mela.Yoga, an award-winning sacred learning space in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she is both a practitioner and guide in the science and philosophy of Tantric Hatha Yoga and an initiate of the Tantric Sri Vidya tradition.

Everest Lavery, Artist


About the art:

I love the cosmos, so the poem about Arundhati spoke to my heart. I used the night for her wings and the melted gold as her tail feathers. She is holding up the sun with her wings. I used pencil, markers and gold and silver acrylic paint to create her.


Everest Lavery is an artist and sixth grader living in San Mateo, CA.  

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