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"There is an entire Universe pulsating with information beyond the skin, and it contains the most beautiful, sacred information unique to each of us. It is always loving, always kind, and loves us just as we are, no matter what. After working on thousands of energy fields for almost a decade, this is what I know for sure."
~ Amie Tyler

"What a wonderful experience! Amie is so intuitive and enlightened. I highly recommend a session with her if you want to work on your spiritual wellbeing and becoming more grounded in your life. I felt peaceful, centered, and full of gratitude after our session. Without me telling her about any pain or injuries in my body, she identified them and gave me some advice and mental exercises to help resolve the blockages that are causing the pain. After one session with her I haven’t felt any of the pain return. She is so insightful and knowledgeable; it was a really divine session!"

​~ Sha



"Everyone should meet with Amie. I left my session feeling a renewed sense of my purpose and inspired to go out into the world and live it. She taught me some practical tools to integrate this inspiration into my daily life to stay connected to my gifts. The session itself was fun, joyful, and light. I highly recommend!"

​~ Jane


"Meeting and working with Amie has been absolutely life changing. I have been in and out of therapy attempting to work through trauma for over half my life. Three sessions with Amie have done more for me than all those years combined. Amie is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, caring, generous souls I have ever encountered. I am eternally grateful to have found her. The combination of all of her knowledge, intuition and gifts is pure magic and truly transforming my life in the most significant way imaginable."

​~ Catherine


"Amie is the only person who has ever helped me make sense of what I went through as a child, and how it relates to my purpose in this lifetime. I've talked to so many others and it never made sense until now. She sees everything with compassion. I feel like a boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm on a whole new path and I'm actually excited to carry my healing forward!"​

​~ B.N.

"Amie is truly extraordinary. Her intuition is remarkable, and her warmth creates a calming atmosphere where you instantly feel seen and understood."

​~ Anush



"My daughter regressed in potty training after we moved to a new house and she started a new school. From the time we started seeing Amie, she hasn't had one accident and she's also been sleeping much better. I'm really appreciative!"


"I can't imagine my journey through breast cancer without you. Your energy healing sessions and you being able to tune into my son's happiness, kept me going. I loved the meditations you recorded for me during chemo. Whenever I had anxiety, they instantly made me feel peace in my chest. I've had so many emotionally difficult days. Since working with you, I can say my perspective has shifted... I have so much more clarity across so many areas of my life. I am in awe of you. Your kindness and your gifts blow me away, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you."

​​~ Client

"Amie is no joke. She saw things, knew things that were impossible to know about me. I felt lighter after I left her office."​

~ Catmom Clark

"Amie is love and light. She gives you the space to breathe and speak your words. She is welcoming and nurturing with kindness and empathy. She offers a safe space to completely lose your composure. :-) She ends the session with energy healing that envelopes you with restored calmness, ready to deal with your regular stressors. She is the most soothing salve on frayed and fried nerves."

​~ Mel


"Amie is LOVE. Her energy is pure and bright and nurturing. In my one-on-one and group sessions, she gives me the space to open my heart and to feel loved. I feel understood and re-created."

​~ Jodi

"Amie is pure Joy! The healing work she offers is eye-opening. My first one on one session, provided me feeling grounded and at peace. I walked out of my session, feeling lighter in the world, and even sleeping better! She is doing her soul's purpose, and I am grateful being a recipient."

​~ Lyndlee



"I highly recommend working with Amie. Her depth of knowledge, calm being and empathy is a rare combination. I took her Raise Your Vibration Workshop, and not only learned so much, but found renewed purpose and sense of self after each session. Her guided meditations are amazing! She's a great teacher and healer."

​~ Stine

"Amie's supportive and gentle approach invites and guides you back towards your own tender center in a way that is playful, builds trust and honors past experience. Take anything she offers and you will be delighted through and through!"

​~ Shikha



"Amie is such a special person to be around. She has helped me let go and trust the process of life."

​~ D.



"I loved Amie's Creative Expression for Inner Knowing class. As someone who already has a serious creative practice, I still learned so much more and was encouraged to try new processes that I found very rewarding. Amie is an attentive, engaged, very personalized teacher who also manages to be highly organized, which I (a teacher of 20+ years) appreciated! She creates an environment in her classes that is deeply authentic, thought-provoking, and moving. She’s also a lot of fun."

​~ Scott



"Amie's energy healing sessions unleashed my self-confidence."

​~ S.



"I am loving Amie's creative expression class. It is the perfect blend of instruction, art, meditation and community building. She has a real gift and I am glad she is sharing it with the world!"

​~ Desiree



"Amie's meditations and discussions are always so healing. She has such a loving, warm and calm presence. She encourages self-exploration with no judgment and develops activities that you want to take part in and complete – it is something to look forward to each week. I found both classes to be deeply healing and inspiring. They continue to provide me with ah-ha moments and gifts well beyond when the actual class ends."

​~ Courtney



"I took a meditation class from Amie earlier this year and it was so healing for me. It was wonderful to have time to connect with others in a soul-filling way and to be self-compassionate and intentional. It kept me going throughout the week. She brings real life experience, true intention, and so much love to everything she does. I could listen to her all day, every day."

​~ C.D.



"Amie is an elixir for my soul."

​~ Des


"I have to say, the anxiety and stress disappeared pretty instantly. "

​~ Repeat Client


"Amie gave me PERMISSION. This was the key I needed to integrate parts of myself I've resisted which I'm now more accepting and loving of. She is compassionate, loving, and accepting. She embodies unity. She is a stabilizing force of what's possible when we integrate both aspects of this existence, and that mirror of possibility is everything. So much gratitude. You're an amazing guide sister. Thank you for being a light in the dark that we all have to walk to be wholly ourselves."

​~ Client


"I've had multiple sessions with Amie. Each time is a deeper experience than the one before. If you're looking for someone who has the heart, soul, and wisdom to enable you to understand yourself more profoundly, Amie is definitely someone you want to work with."

​~ Thorton Prayer

Each person is their own best healer. I am love, you are love, we are love.


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