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Pandemic Poetry & Art Healing Project

Working at Home, Day 31

All in our Zoom windows. Heads, 

bookshelves, the tops of plants.

Most of us looking down, harsh

lighting, ceiling vents. Waiting


for the meeting to start. I miss

seeing the doodles the quiet ones

constructed like steel-gauge

bridges, frothy blue-ink lattice


supporting the margins, that

little subversion, the hand

recording in code, right

where we all could see it.

Amy Miller


About This Project:
I haven’t been able to write anything but pandemic poems the past few months. The only other topic that seems worthy of poetry right now is racism, the other epidemic that our nation is dealing with disastrously. Nothing I write seems quite adequate while the body of the country rages with its fevers. Still, writers write. We use what’s around us. Not to write would be worse.


Amy Miller’s writing has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Gulf Coast, Tupelo Quarterly, ZYZZYVA, and several anthologies. Her poetry books include The Trouble with New England Girls (Concrete Wolf) and I Am on a River and Cannot Answer (BOAAT Press). She lives in Ashland, Oregon.

Rachel Tyler


About the painting:
This acrylic painting is based off of the poem “Working at Home, Day 31.” Just like the poem, it includes sentiment of the loss of personality during interactions that are limited to solely through screen. It also expresses the fiery tension that is escalating in our world to accompany the pandemic. This painting has multiple meanings, and is open to various interpretations.


I’m from Hot Springs, Arkansas, and am just about to enter college as a freshman. Art has always been one of my favorite things to spend my time doing, so this project was a perfect way for me to express my thoughts during the current events!

You can read more about Rachel here, where she has been featured in HER Magazine.  

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