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About Me

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Top view Closeup blue water rings, Circle reflections in pool..jpg
Top view Closeup blue water rings, Circle reflections in pool..jpg

About Me

I am an intuitive, healing catalyst for others in times of change, inner conflict, growth, and awakening. 

My training and experience includes the study and application of depth psychology, consciousness studies, the subconscious mind, and the biofield – the subtle energy fields of the body.

I have over 19 years of experience in Corporate America where I built and launched new products, served as an international keynote speaker, and led global, high-performing teams.

I began my second career in the healing arts in 2017 and was reacquainted with my multi-sensory abilities – the ability to tune into and see and feel others’ emotions and auras – and began studying the biofield and how to move energy, eventually going back to school for a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, which focused on consciousness studies, spirituality, creativity and innovation, whole-self embodiment, and integrative healing using both ancient and innovative, modern methods. 

My skills in moving energy and working with the subconscious, combined with my psychology background and natural healing presence, have been a transformational catalyst for many people’s lives.

See what clients are saying here.

How It All Began

A thousand tiny seeds have led me to the path of service, as I have sometimes answered, and other times not answered, the great calling that pulls our souls to be more and more of who we are: more authentic, more able to see clearly, beyond the limitations of fear, and able to hear our truth – the “little voice behind the little voice” at the deepest center of knowing within.

Like most intuitive empaths, I have spent years learning about my own life force energy – how it works, how to flow it, and how to manifest and maintain momentum. 

There is a deep knowing that is the truest truth, and it can only come from within from the internal, not the external. Yet, in our culture, we miss teaching our children about their multi-sensory powers.


True happiness comes from this inner knowing. As I journey onward, I find deep joy and fulfillment in sitting with others at the feast of life, sharing insights for how to be with whatever is served up, and being at peace and in communion with all that life has to offer.

Top view Closeup blue water rings, Circle reflections in pool..jpg
Image by Peg Lemkuil

1:1 Healing Sessions

Working together is a deeply personal experience held in confidentiality, non-judgement, and love. 

I see you as perfect, just as you are. When you bring an issue, concern, or goal, it will be treated as sacred, with respect and appreciation.

Sessions are tailored based on your request, and my intuition and expertise, to you to meet you where you are in this moment.

Projects &
Community Work

My latest project, the Pandemic Healing Art Wall, was a public, interactive art installation in downtown San Mateo, California, focused on empowering communities through expressive arts where I was a steward to over 10,000 handwritten notes from the community.


In April 2024, my chapter: Courageous Authenticity: Bringing our inner wisdom to our work, partnerships, and communities will be published by Springer Publishing in a book co-authored by over 20 authors from around the world focused on building strong partnerships and heart-forward science in global health, for the benefit of all.

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Top view Closeup blue water rings, Circle reflections in pool..jpg
Image by Benjamin Davies

Education & Training

Degrees, Certifications, Memberships

  • Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a certificate in Therapeutic Expressive Arts, Creativity & Innovation

  • Certified Process Work Psychology Facilitator, Santa Fe Institute for Shame-Based Studies

  • Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing 

  • Reiki Master Teacher Certification (+ 6 other energy healing certifications)

  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

  • 1:1 Mentorship with Renown Psychic Medium

  • Master Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Timeline Therapy™ Practitioner

  • Certified Neurolinguistics Programming Life Coach

  • Certified Add Heart HeartMath Facilitator

  • Associate member of the American Psychological Association (APA) 

  • 19 years in the corporate world building partnerships, launching new products, acting as an international key note speaker, and leading high performing global teams


  • PhD in Women's Spirituality (application in process)


Above all training and education, having a naturally healing presence has been my greatest gift, impact, and contribution. I am love, you are love, we are love.


In fact, we are beyond love. We are magnificent. We are beyond the beyond!

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