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Longer Term Support for Major Life Transitions


"Walk with Me" 3-Month Package

Whether you are in need of energetic support or holistic therapeutic approaches, you are taking a bold step in saying yes to love.


Learning to receive love and the Universe's free resources around you is not only critical during a health or major life journey, but for the rest of your life and beyond.

Through a challenging circumstance, learn to remember your power, live beyond the limitations of fear.

Energy healing sessions are in-person​

Energy healing sessions are done remotely.

I'll walk right alongside you through things like:

  • Recent diagnosis

  • Significant loss

  • Illness or injury

  • Trauma recovery

  • Advanced illness

  • End-of-life Transition

  • Divorce/newly single, new parent

  • Gender change

  • Any major life transition

Book Now and Say Yes to You

The "Walk with Me" 3-Month Package Includes:

  • Primary intake session in-person or via Zoom

  • Six, 90-minute sessions over three months (please allot two hours for each session)

  • Chat 2 days/week through the Voxer app, for questions and additional support

  • Ongoing healing & spiritual support. You essentially get an "Amie in your pocket" to support you through this phase of your life. 

Example of customized support for a client diagnosed with breast cancer:*

  • Planning ongoing conversations for talking with young children about mom’s new journey through every phase.

  • Assisting with an email to let friends and family know, tuning into her soul to find what kind of support would be needed most.

  • Personalized, recorded meditations for chemo appointments focused on topics needed most at the time

  • Setting new daily schedules for peace and flow, and new boundaries to allow space in her life for healing

* Support is customized to each individual.

It is my deepest honor to accompany you on your journey.

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