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What to Expect
during a Healing Session


One week before you arrive, I will have already begun working with your energy, and may have received spiritual guidance for you. However, your intention opens doors within your energy field for healing to begin taking place once you book the appointment. 

Each healing session lasts 90 minutes (please allot 2 hours). I like to ensure nothing is left undone and we address everything we can during our time together.


  1. In-person sessions are done at my office in Burlingame, California. The address is provided in your booking information.

  2. Distance sessions will be done over zoom. The zoom link will be included automatically in your booking confirmation email.

  3. On-site sessions are done at your home or hospital, and are for serious illness or end-of-life sessions. (Local to the Bay Area only, or via funded-travel).

Each session has two parts. This is where the magic is!
Part 1:
To start, we will revisit your intake form and discuss your goals for the session. I will have already tuned into your energy and received insights to share with you. Often times, the original goal has already shifted, just by the energy working through you in advance of the session, making way for a new or deeper level of healing to occur. 

If there is inner child work/shadow work, revisiting of wounds or trauma, we may use the first part of the session to apply a holistic, therapeutic approach in addition to intuitive energy healing. This may include somatic release via process oriented psychology, timeline therapy, or guided visualization.  You may wish to use the first part of the appointment to work with the soma via a holistic, therapeutic approach called process oriented psychology. 

Part 2:
The second portion of the healing session will occur on the energy healing table, where I will work with the spirit of your body. Here, I am working on the energy centers of the body (AKA the major chakras) and the layers of the auric field. 



Did you know that the energy of the body is - most of the time - extremely chatty?!

Our energy carries a massive amount of information not only from this lifetime, but from past lives and what will be in your highest good for your future path, as well.

When we complete the first part of the session and enter into the energy healing space, we enter into a realm of unconditional love, inviting in my helpers from the other side, who are the stars of the show. I specifically work with angels, a Circle of Light (team of helpers), and my spirit guides. Often times, my helpers invite in experts to help with the healing you are seeking.

We also invite in your helpers, and then we get going.

I address the parts of the body that "call out" to me. While I  work with the energy of your body, I share my intuitive insights with you. During this time, you will receive insights from your own intuition which may occur visually, or a sense of knowing, physical sensations, or memories arising, and I will also be offering what I see.

Science has proven that everything is made of energy. We are all made of subatomic particles. As I work on your energy, I am flooding your subatomic particles with more light. I telepathically communicate with our helpers, who help with the healing itself, and/or provide insights and messages. Often times, ancestors and loved ones from the other side make themselves known. 

You have a choice during energy healing to receive "hands on" or "hands off" support. For hands on, I will lightly place my hands on the seven major energy centers of your body (except the root chakra, where I will place my hands on the side of your hip). For a hands off session, my hands will not touch your body, and will hover over each energy center. For distance sessions, I draw your energy out on paper, and work on your energy this way - this is my personal process. Each are equally effective.

On some occasions Spirit requests that I work in silence. This is usually when either there is a big job, such as a "Spiritual Surgery," or when it is anticipated you will require silence to receive your own, important messages. A Spiritual Surgery is not a physical surgery, of course, but rather a surgery on your auric field and energy body to balance, remove, or adjust thought patterns, relieve mental or emotional anguish, or the like. Either way, we trust the process. If we have a silent session, I will always communicate insights I received once complete.

Sometimes, I may use different tools, such as tuning forks, or my voice, to tune the body. Each body is different, and it depends what is required.

While this is happening, each cell of your body will be flooded with light - directly from Source (God, The Universe, Universal Love, the Heavens - whatever you wish to call it). You can imagine that every cell of your body has been cleaned with a scrub brush, including your chakras and each layer of your auric field.
All sessions are intuitively customized.

I see children of all ages. Children's sessions are typically 30-45 minutes.

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