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An Evolution of Love

Plus a free restorative meditation below.

Honey, I've changed.

In the midst of your spiritual awakening, have you ever felt like you should be handing out warning labels to family and friends that say, "Hey, so before I was born my higher self made a pact to put light on the planet and this means I'm going to be growing on speed. I love you, and I thank you."

I've had a few similar experiences recently. What once felt right, no longer resonates. I am growing more and more energetically clear (or eh-hem, some could say, "picky"), guarding my time and energy like a warrior.

For the record it's been totally smooth with no bumps at all.


The good news is, sometimes monumental changes are slow and gentle, where we're not as conscious about our transformation. I had experience like this recently, seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.

When I stepped up the last few stairs, and it came into full view, I gasped, stopped moving, and my eyes filled with tears. The expansive, red rainbow of colors and sediment lines – beyond what my peripheral vision could take in – could hardly be seen through pool of tears in my eyes, until I could ground myself again. Goosebumps ran up and down my arms and legs. It was a full body experience and I was enveloped in the magnitude and magnificence of the South Rim. My mind raced with thoughts about the billions of years this land had seen. Every cell in my being recognized the sacredness of what I was witnessing. Marine basins had come and gone, entire deserts had been there, now extinct.

Grand Canyon South Rim, Amie Tyler
Grand Canyon South Rim, photo taken by yours truly.

There is a particular spot where train passengers walk up the stairs and take in a view of the Canyon for the first time. I decided to use my last 30 minutes before boarding the train to watch people as they, too, came to the top of the stairs, and gasped. I overheard a group of girls chatting. One girl said, "Can you actually believe this?!" Another one answered, "Wow, it just goes to show how insignificant we all are."

"Insignificant. Insignificant?! YOU ARE NOT INSIGNIFICANT!" I thought. And then I realized, "Hey wait, I don't think I am, either. Like... not an ounce!"

At various times of my life, I had said the exact sentence I'd just overheard. Now though, as I laid eyes on the expansive view, all I could feel was, "In the presence of magnificence, as am I."

I realized that I had come to embody a new truth: I am nature. I am you. You are me. That I, and we, are all equally as magnificent as the Grand Canyon. I realized my view of myself and all of my relations had expanded without me ever marking the exact moment.

I mean, I always thought you were awesome. But I'd never felt I was downright amazing to the point of being in awe until that full-body-yes-moment. It was a whole new layer of knowing.

How significant! How magnificent!

I looked toward the rock and inhaled a long breath, filling my younger self and my now self with compassion. Alas, to marvel at another is the very beginning of marveling at ourselves.

If you have not been able to marvel at yourself or others lately or are experiencing judgement or lack of self-compassion, here is a little healing song I made for you with the Ho'oponopono prayer for balance. This is a powerful mantra to restore balance by meditating on the thoughts, "I'm sorry for all the times I did not see you in your divine essence. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you."

This is best experienced with headphones, lying down on your back. Choose yourself, or someone to dedicated this to, and have that person's name in your heart as you enjoy. Xx

May we honor and appreciate all the evolving aspects of ourselves and each other, even those we don't yet know are around the corner, because we are a constant and divine evolution of love.

This weekend, I will be reigniting my intention to be open to continuous evolution, and celebrate with a little ritual to send love to my ever-changing self: past, present, and future, and all of the gentle help I've received along the way. I am sending love to all aspects of you, Amie

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