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Hello, magnificent being. 

Amie (3).png

I'm Amie. 

I help people tune into their magnificence
and true purpose while healing blocks along the way.

Client Testimonials
Dramatic purple and pink skies at Milford Sound as the dawn breaks.jpg

Feel the love.

Client Testimonials

"What a wonderful experience! Amie is so intuitive and enlightened. I highly recommend a session with her if you want to work on your spiritual wellbeing and becoming more grounded in your life. I felt peaceful, centered, and full of gratitude after our session. Without me telling her about any pain or injuries in my body, she identified them and gave me some advice and mental exercises to help resolve the blockages that are causing the pain. After one session with her I haven’t felt any of the pain return. She is so insightful and knowledgeable; it was a really divine session!"
~ Sha
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