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Retreat with Me

Imagine if you could...

Know what decision to make… about anything, no matter what

... so you can feel confident about your choices and trust them without using valuable time and energy second guessing yourself.

Solve any type of problem in a way that feels aligned to your soul.

... and watch your life begin to move in a calm direction, without ever having to ask anyone else what you should do.

Know what relationships are truly supportive for you on a soul level.

... and learn which relationships with others are complete, and how to move on from them to create space for more aligned relationships to enter.

Essentially… see reality on a whole new level, more clearly than you’ve ever seen it before!

... so you can never miss out again on becoming more and more aligned to the truth of who you are, and live in joy watching your new reality unfold with all of the amazing things in store for you!

What if I told you...

There is information that awaits you from an aspect of yourself that loves you unconditionally, cherishes you, adores you, and knows you by heart. 


There’s a soulmate in your future – one like no one else you’ve ever met – that will change your life for the better in ways you can’t yet even imagine!

And the best part? Deepening your connection to your intuition will be a constant source of joy for you for the rest of your life.  

Two Magical Days!

Join me for two special days to practice building your intuition with new and fun tools that I've never taught before, all in one place! 


At this special retreat, you will:

  1. Discover more about your life force energy, and understand its one, sole purpose

  2. Demystify how intuition and spirit speaks, learn how to access unique information for your life, and how to create a stronger connection with that voice to benefit your life

  3. Receive energy healing as a group, where some will have a chance to receive intuitive messages and insights

  4. Celebrate in a special ceremonial ritual (with a beautiful, honoring surprise for you).

The Details

  • When: Late Summer/Early Autumn 2024 (Exact dates TBD).


  • Where: In-person, San Mateo, California (exact location to be disclosed post-booking)


  • Cost: $275/person

  • Please bring: We will break for lunch each day. You are welcome to bring your lunch, or there are several restaurants and a grocery store nearby. Please bring a blanket, journal, and water - and anything you need to be comfortable.

You are a magnificent being, adored by the Universe, and there is a constant flow of information awaiting you. I wonder what it has to say? Let's find out!

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