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Whole Biofield Healing Session


90 minutes

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About This Service

The body is a miraculous communicator when we are open to listening to its intelligence and wisdom, and when we are ready to receive!

We will begin the session by talking about any challenges you are having and what you would like to focus on. From there, I will begin energy healing on your biofield. Your body may wish to release a trapped emotion, receive quantum activation and healing, or receive gentle lighted flooded into each energy center and every cell. The body may require the use of sound, such as tuning by voice, or use of tuning forks.

This is a beautiful session that allows your mental mind to let go, and be led by what your body needs in this moment. We honor and trust the body's deep knowing.

This session may include a body scan of your auric field and chakras, quantum harmonization body processes, energy healing, and biofield tuning using tuning forks.

If I receive intuitive impressions, I will share those with you. I look forward to being in communion with you.

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