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The Emotion Code + Energy Healing


60 minutes

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About This Service

Trapped emotions are made of energy just like the rest of the body, and exert an influence on physical tissues, potentially causing energy imbalances like discomfort, dis-ease, and disease.

Trapped emotions can occur as early as the womb without our awareness, or live in our bodies from past lives. Releasing trapped emotions can remove imbalances and create an environment for the body to heal.

Using muscle testing and working with the subconscious, the body will reveal the which emotions have taken up residence, and most often will reveal where they live in the body, and the timeframe of the person's life it began. It is not critical to know the event that caused the dis-ease, but it can provide deep healing.

If it is discovered there is a heart wall, we will release that as well. A heart wall forms from trapped emotions around the heart, acting as armor, making it difficult for someone to access their vulnerability, to give or receive love, and at times can be where jealously, anger, and rage live.

My Aunt Vivian, a colleague who worked directly with Dr. Richard Goodheart, the founder of muscle testing and "father" of Applied Kinesiology, performed muscle testing on me my entire childhood, making it normal in my family. I have used The Emotion Code on a four-year-old, all the way up to an 86 year old. I love this process as it is fast, allows us to trust our innate intelligence, and deepens our relationship with our whole selves to make way for healing.

What to expect:

As with all energy movement modalities, you may fee warmth in your body, have goosebumps, or notice memories or emotion that come up. We just notice, honor, and allow how your system wants to move and release energy. You will be held in a loving, non-judgmental, and nurturing space at all times as we allow your body to lead the way to its next level of evolution. At times you may feel your body is saying, "thank you, thank you" for taking the time to give it the care it requires.

At the start of each session, we ask your body if it has a trapped emotion it would like to release. If the answer is "no," you may choose to use the hour for Quantum Harmonization, Channeled Light Healing, or any other therapeutic service I offer. We honor the body's wisdom at all times, with love.

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