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Holistic Counseling + Energy Healing


90 minutes

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About This Service

Have you ever tried to hide, censor, or suppress parts of yourself? Can you imagine what it would feel like to embrace all of you, without judgement?

Inside our deepest shame exists intelligence just wanting to surface.

The limbic system develops very rapidly in our early years of development. There is no language there, but there is something internalized within us - how we are seen, and as we grow, how we see the world.

Process-Oriented Psychology is a rich, beautiful method for unshaming and unpathologizing our beings. It is a depth psychology approach, focused on understanding our own experiences in the subconscious.

Through this courageous work, you may find innate intelligence in those things you've been most afraid to look at within.

When we can integrate all aspects of ourselves into our identity, we are whole... we are free.

A large portion of this process is somatic: working with the soma of the body, and learning what the body wants to communicate and express about your issue. Our minds have patterned thought, but our bodies have a different sense of knowing that is more true, and unconditioned by our culture and upbringing.

In my personal experience, one of the reasons process work is so beautiful is that it is done with a compassionate witness. How often do we allow ourselves to express our full being in a loving, safe space? This is sacred work I am delighted to offer the healing benefits to my community.

What is true for you? What has been your body's true experience? Let's find out...

What to expect:

When you arrive, we will talk about the reason you are seeking this session. From there, I will guide you in loving support through the process. Similar to psychosynthesis or parts work, we look at all parts of self that arise. This is wonderful for seeing deeply into your issue, understanding your body's true experience, and gaining insight for how to move forward. Good for looking at one's inner critic, trauma, anxiety, and more.

The second half of the session will be on the energy table receiving healing.

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