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Holistic Counseling


60 minutes

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About This Service

While we all have an innate compass guiding us toward healing, if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that we need each other. There are times when each of us need support to help us into our next phase of being.

Sometimes things have a surprising, direct impact on us and we feel lost in how to manage the circumstance. Other times, we find we are bursting through to a new layer of knowing, and while we are growing, and it is beautiful, the process can feel quite messy or uncertain as we drop an old identity and move into meeting our new selves.

We may have childhood wounds on a repeating cycle of pain, a dark night of the soul that left us forever changed, love or job relationships where we just wish we could find the right words, or what we expected in life is not turning out how we planned. Sometimes, we need to become reacquainted with strength we forgot we had.

It is admiral work to focus in on your own soul, your own being, and take time to learn what feels resonant to you, so you can be at peace with your life, get to know the truth of who you are without cultural patterns and adopted beliefs, and live in joy as the most authentic version of yourself.

I see clients who:

  1. Are having trouble finding their authenticity/moving into a new way of being

  2. Have received a diagnosis and are seeking ways to accept their new normal

  3. Need support during a spiritual crisis/spiritual awakening, and are seeking a connection with the transpersonal - that which is beyond the ego and personality.

  4. Who have lost their wholeheartedness for life and would like to reconnect with their gifts or purpose

  5. Have or are embarking on a major life change (divorce, new job, new parent, loss of child)

  6. Would like to improve their overall quality of life, increase joy, innovation, and creativity

  7. Are executives who are suffering from burnout and searching for meaning

  8. Would like help learning how to manage their life force energy

  9. Would like to experience more peace, flow, and connection

  10. Are going through any number of things. Feel free to call or text to inquire about whether I can help you with your personal situation.

The proof is in the peace. Helping you get there is a journey I am called and honored to be on.

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