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Corporate Wellness

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About This Service

I offer experiential workshops and 1:1 services for growth, enrichment, and inner transformation so employees can confidently learn to find balance, harness their creativity for innovation, and reattune to their superpowers in both their personal and professional lives.

Examples of workshop themes are below. Please contact me for references.

Cultivating Mindfulness in Our Hurried World

  • Archetecting a personal practice toward inner peace, resilience, and self-awareness for individual and organization agility

Intuitive Leadership

  • What guides us - our minds, or a deeper sense of knowing? Learn how to access your intuition for innovation, problem solving, and energized working relationships

Business with Soul

  • How to lead with an undefended heart, establish a personal story for what drives and aligns you to your life and work, articulating your unique gifts and contributions, and doing business with soul. This is all about inner and outer alignment for empowered leadership for heart-led executives and teams.

1:1 Employee Wellbeing

Life coaching and process-oriented psychology

  • Mindset Coaching: Release limiting beliefs, gain new perceptions, release old identities and move into the new as roles and seasons change

  • Acceptance of a new or terminal diagnosis

  • Navigating difficult life situations and finding balance (relationship, family, career)

  • Process-oriented psychology for self-judgement and the inner critic, blocking stellar contributions one knows they are capable of

  • Hypnotherapy for stage fright, self-image, and speaking anxiety

I spent 20 years in the corporate world delivering global products, and working in operations and fintech partnerships. I have led high-performing global teams and have been an international keynote speaker for a Fortune 500 company. I know firsthand the demands of the business world and it is a great pleasure to share my personal experience and training.

I have provided wellness services for Franklin Templeton Investments and Stanford Medical Center. Contact me to discuss your session or event:, 650-483-7289.

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