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Advance Illness / End-of-Life


90 minutes

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About This Service

Receiving energy medicine during times of illness, or when preparing to transition from the physical, can clear blocks in the energy field and reattune it back to a person's true, heart-centered blueprint.

This can reduce anxiety, stress, and fear, and feelings like anger and regret, and create space for peace to enter.

If the body is in dis-ease, it can tune into its own self-healing ability. If nearing end-of-life, it can allow for a peaceful and even joyful transition.

In my experience providing energy healing at SFSU in the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, everyone in the room receives some level of healing making it beneficial for all.

Please contact me with details prior to the appointment to ensure the home/hospital is ready to receive me, and to let me know if you would like to add on time for anyone else in the family who may wish to receive energy healing. It is my honor and great joy to serve you.

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