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30 Minute Haven Energy Healing


30 minutes

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About This Service

Enjoy gentle and nourishing energy healing for overall health and wellbeing. This session includes a full-body energy scan and Quantum Harmonization body processes. If I receive intuitive impressions I will share them with you.

Note: 30-minute sessions are designed to address the highest need of your being. Of course, if there is a specific issue or concern you wish to focus on, that can be prioritized as well. Holistic counseling, nor life and mindset coaching are included in 30-minute sessions simply due to the time available.

This session is wonderful for those who wish to incorporate consistent, bite-sized healing sessions into their days to train the energy body to hold more light. Side effects may include a larger capacity to hold a peaceful feeling longer, as well as compassion, forgiveness, and comfortably stepping into more of YOU.

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