Writers: No longer taking poems for submission. 

Artists: Contact to review poems to illustrate. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought on endless opportunities for personal growth. I had a particularly dark experience early on. I wrote about it, but I never thought I would share it with anyone. Then, someone recently said to me: "Being raw and vulnerable IS LOVE." This resonated. How do we make friends with our whole being, even the unsettling parts? 

Recently, I woke up inspired with an idea: pandemic-themed poetry coupled with corresponding artwork. Poets write, artists make art, the world heals starting from the inside out. 

THE PROJECT: SPEED ART! Express, Heal, Share, Repeat!
Pandemic-themed poetry with corresponding artwork: a co-collaboration for artists. Think of this as "speed art" and "speed writing." The goal is not perfection, but expression, to reflect the moment-to-moment processing we are all doing during this time. The poems and artwork will be posted here at the Pandemic Poetry & Art Project at

1. Artists: Sign up to participate by emailing by end of July, subject line "Pandemic Project."
2. Writers: Send your pandemic poetry starting now, to, subject line "Pandemic Project."
3. Depending on volume received, I will email all participating artists in waves with a handful of poems. Artists can choose what poem they'd like to illustrate from those submitted. When I email artists, I will provide a date by when the artwork should be provided back to me. I will let both artists and writers know just before your work will be posted.

4. No specific art form required. Writers can be back-of-the-napkin poets, artwork can be a photographs taken on an iPhone. Children are more than welcome!

Your artwork can directly illustrate how the poem/prose speaks to you, but it can also be a complementary thought on another topic to either juxtaposition or carry the poem forward in some way. (i.e. if the poem is about how someone is thriving through the pandemic ;) you can illustrate how you are not). 

When you send me your poem or artwork, please include a short bio which I will include with the post. Feel free to also include a couple of lines about your process for this project, what inspired you, any personal notes on how you are coping... and lastly, links to see your other work, if you have/would like to share.

1. The poems and sketches are not to be edited for days and days. This is a "here and now" project for healing. Let go of your perfectionist tendencies and get it out. It is as important that this creative expression is as much a gift for you as it is sharing it, so don't agonize. 
2. You do not have to be a published/known writer/artist to participate. Involve your children.
3. No unnecessary gore. Dark moments are welcome, this is half the point, and I have a line, which is difficult to articulate and obviously subjective. It doesn't make anyone right or wrong, it is just that this is my website and I am a sensitive sleeper so I have to go with what won't keep me up at night. 

There is no prize, payment, or book deal. This is simply a collaboration project between artists and writers who have a desire to participate. I will not edit your work. Accepting submissions and publishing decisions rest with me. 

Please participate and share with your networks. I am so excited to collaborate with you!
Amie Tyler

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