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1:1 Transformation Sessions

I see clients for individual appointments on Thursday evenings and Sundays. Email me to schedule:

Sacred Journeys

In need of deep exploration or healing with consistent, weekly support? We will start with an intake assessment to clarify the block or next step you are seeking in your evolution. From there, I'll design a highly individualized plan for you lasting 8 - 12 weeks. Areas of focus might be:

  • Activating your heart to live a deeper, more connected & authentic life living from your inner wisdom rather than external expectations

  • Empowerment, strength, and peace during a time of stress or transition in your life, or acceptance of a diagnosis

  • Removing blocks to reach your highest potential.

Email me to get started:

Energy Healing for Those with Advanced Illness or at End-of-Life

  • Energy healing and guided visualization to ease physical pain, release energy blockages, open to balance, and peaceful passing.

  • Bioenergetics to release trapped emotions for a peaceful transition.

  • Family/group energy healing to transform feelings of fear into into thoughts and feelings of acceptance, peace, gratitude, and appreciation.


Home and hospital visits in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday evenings and weekends. Some appointments available for children. Email to share your needs and to schedule.

Classroom Mindfulness

Teaching classrooms mindfulness through heart-brain coherence techniques as taught by HeartMath (TM), using singing, body movement, meditation, breathing exercises, and art! School assemblies, classroom visits, and virtual sessions available. Email: to discuss your student's needs and ideas. 



Have an important meeting or public speaking event coming up and find yourself suddenly on unsure ground? Battling with confidence, anxiety, or feelings of unworthiness? Let's blast through blockers with hypnotherapy, timeline therapy, and NLP. Four-session minimum so we can cover needed ground. Email me to get started:


Workshops & Events
Meditation, exploration, expansion, healing:


Free Community

Join our free, loving community at

What Others Are Saying...


"Amie is LOVE. Her energy is pure and bright and nurturing. In my one-on-one and group sessions, she gives me the space to open my heart and to feel loved. I feel understood and re-created."


"I took a meditation class from Amie earlier this year and it was so healing for me. It was wonderful to have time to connect with others in a soul-filling way and to be self-compassionate and intentional. It kept me going throughout the week.

Amie brings real life experience, true intention, and so much love to everything she does. I could listen to her all day, every day."


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