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Holistic Healing Menu

What is the best form of therapy? The kind that works for you! 

Choose the one that resonates with your psyche, your energy system, your history, and your body.

Biofield & Energetic Healing


Quantum Harmonization

Whole body healing and activation .

Image by Quino Al

Whole Biofield Healing Session 

Curated session to meet you exactly where you are.

Channeled Light Energy Healing 

Replenish and restore to let in more light.

Homes, Buildings, and Land

Clearing of unwanted energies. (Coming soon.)

Image by Tim Mossholder

The Emotion Code

Release trapped emotions from the body. Remove a heart wall (if there is one).


Advanced Illness / End-of-Life 

Home and hospital visits in the Bay Area or remote.

Holistic Therapy

Somatic Unshaming

Reconnect to who you really are and feel free.


Transpersonal Counseling

Self actualize. Find meaning and joy in times of struggle.



Release limiting beliefs and step into your power.

Corporate Wellness

biz meditation.jfif

Corporate Wellness

Super-powered leadership.

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