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About Me

My mission is to hold sacred space for you to explore expansion of soul and self.

There are times when each of us need support to help us into our next phase of being. Sometimes things happen to others but have a surprising, direct impact on us. Other times, we find we are bursting through to a new layer of knowing, and the process can feel quite messy or uncertain, and we're not sure how to take the best next step. We may have childhood wounds on a repeating cycle of pain, a dark night of the soul that left us forever changed, love or job relationships where we just wish we could find the right words, or what we expected in life is not turning out how we planned. Sometimes, we need to become reacquainted with strength we forgot we had. 

At my core, I am a spiritual teacher, and I believe we are in the midst of a revolution when it comes to healing. In a culture where we “go it alone” and honor fierce independence, we can feel out of place when asking for help. Once I learned how to ask for help, I began to meet with my spiritual teachers regularly. In the same way we have physical health checkups, I feel these checkups to look inward are so supportive. The level of consciousness on the planet is elevating and we are awakening! This means we no longer need to spend years on a couch doing talk therapy, digging up every detail of our painful past. While growth can feel messy while we are processing a new layer of understanding, it doesn't have to be extremely drawn out and painful. 

Her work includes leading class, workshops, and meditations to foster connection in her community. , whether it be through the written word, meditation, psychosynthesis, channeled light energy healing, or embodied spirituality. 


I work full time at a technology company in Silicon Valley and enjoy life with my husband, two sons, and dog, Rufus.


Fascinated by quantum energy and the energy body, she obtained her certification in the Channeled Light Healing™ method of spiritual healing.


Underlying all of her work is a heart & soul-based approach focused on meeting life with presence, flow, and connection. Check out her project, Survival to Sacred, for interviews of self-actualizers and other inspirational stories. 

If you know anyone who has a story about moving from "surviving," to living a life focused on what is sacred for them, please ask if they'd like to share their story here at Survival to Sacred.

f you or someone you know would like to participate in the Pandemic Poetry and Art Healing Project, please email to participate.

Amie will graduate with a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology in June of 2021. 

My focus is healing and growing with love using modalities I am trained in, like energy healing, transpersonal psychology, 

I feel my soul purpose is to be in service to others and I am deeply committed to holding a safe space for you to simply be and explore. Through each of my sessions whether 1:1 or in a group, I use energy healing so you leave feeling light and supported with love. I love helping others design a life with more heart and meaning by teaching them to access their own inner well of wisdom. 

So, if you are in the midst of working through one of life's many challenges, or if you are ready to power up in love to help maintain your spiritual strength and inner resonance, I am here for you as we walk this path in life together. While life is not without struggle, there are ways to open new areas of understanding so we can walk our paths with more ease.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Daas

In service and love,

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