What you seek is seeking you... ~Rumi


There are times when each of us need support. 


Whether you are bursting through to a new layer of knowing or you are in need of extreme healing, sometimes the process can feel quite messy or uncertain. We may have:

  • Childhood wounds on a repeating cycle of pain or a dark night of the soul that left us forever changed

  • A love or job relationship where we just wish we could find the right words to ask for what we need

  • A struggle with accepting a health diagnosis or life is not turning out how we planned

  • A need for a safe place to process forgiveness, or to become reacquainted with strength we forgot we had

  • Lost touch with our sense of empowerment and are living in a disempowered state

  • Gone through a spiritual awakening process and are struggling to make peace with our identity. 


In a culture where we “go it alone” and honor fierce independence, we can feel out of place when asking for help. Once I learned how to ask for help, I began to meet with my spiritual teachers regularly. In the same way we have physical health checkups, I feel these checkups to look inward are so supportive. If you are ready to re-attune to your inner wisdom and add another layer of peace and healing to your life, I am here to support you. Click below for a 30 minute complimentary consultation.   

Meet Your Guide


I'm a spiritual teacher trained in transpersonal psychology, psychosynthesis, Channeled Light Healing (TM), and creative expression for healing. I provide workshops and classes to those seeking tools to explore and activate their hearts. My mission is to hold sacred space for you to discover how to live wholeheartedly, with more presence, flow, and connection.

Work with Me 

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In Service, with Love: Community Projects – Healing the Heart with Art 

Check out my project, Survival to Sacred, for interviews of self-actualizers. If you or someone you know has answered The Call of Self and transitioned from a life of surviving into what is sacred for them, please email me with a brief summary of their story and I will be in touch if it is a good match.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the Pandemic Poetry and Art Healing Project, please email me to participate.

In service with love,